5% Illuminance Promotion

Expand Your Illuminance Measurement with Our 5% Discount on Our CL-200A Chroma Meter


To assist our customers in their testing and research in measuring the color temperature of white LEDs Konica Minolta Sensing Americas would like to extend a 5% discount on our CL-200A Chromaticity Meter.

The CL-200A measures color temperature, illumination, chromaticity, dominant wavelength and excitation purity of various lighting sources, such as LED, OLED and other forms of organic electroluminescence (EL).

The CL-200A is ideal for the development and adjustment of projector lighting, development and maintenance of panels, and LEDs.


Ideal for measuring color temperature and wavelengths including:

  • LED
  • OLED

  • Organic Electroluminescence (EL)

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    Good until September 30th 2022

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