Instrument Systems & Konica Minolta Sensing Offer

Out with the old and save with the new ....with a 10% trade-in promotion!

Through March 31st, 2019 trade-in your Konica Minolta or competitive reference instrument used for spectral measurements in exchange for 10% towards the purchase of the CAS140D model, our new successor of the well proven CAS140CT provided by two well known leaders in the industry...Konica Minolta Sensing and Instrument Systems.

This extremely successful high-end array spectrometer instrument is used both as a reference instrument in national calibration labs as well as for continuous operational use within production lines with repeatability and stability in every environment.

Konica Minolta Sensing is known for its reliability and longevity of its instruments. However, with technology continually evolving it is important that we remain in tune with the needs and technological advancements within the industry. It is after all, how we remain the global leader we are today.

Trade in instruments include:

  • Spectro320 Spectrometer
  • CAS 140CT CCD Array Spectrophotometer
  • CAS 140B Compact Array Spectrometer
  • Select competitor models

Contact us today for your personalized quote on your legacy instruments and see how easy upgrading to our latest measurement solutions can be.


  • Integrated density filter wheel
  • USB, PCIe or Ethernet interface allowing for easy exchange between the spectrometer and the control computer
  • Down to 4 ms integration time
  • "Plug & Play" accessory identification ensures a high degree of process reliability
  • High-end CCD detector, cooled and back-illuminated
  • Spectrograph with minimum stray light and enhanced throughput

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 Offer ends March 31, 2019, offer only valid for customers in the United States and Canada