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On the CL-500A

The CL-500A Is the authoritative light in accuracy and repeatability the versatility and portability of the CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer makes it ideal for evaluating the intensity and color coordinates of your automotive lighting.


  • Portable, lightweight, compact and handheld
  • Conforms to both DIN and JIS standards
  • High-speed measurement possible using the software development kit
  • Can be operated with USB bus power
  • Measures and displays both the general color rendering index (Ra) and the special color rendering indexes (R1 to R15)
  • Scotopic illuminance and the S/P ratio of scotopic illuminance can be measured with the instrument alone and with the included software
  • Measurement functions: Continuous measurement mode, average of multiple measurements, delayed measurement and the display of data at specific wavelengths

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Offer ends September 30, 2018