Expand Your UV Measurement Portfolio with Our 10% Discount on All Our UV Measurement Systems

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas and Instrument Systems GmbH has been setting UV LED calibration standards and addressing the hazards of blue light through our various testing processes for many years. Our high-end test system solutions contribute to the performance and safety of these high-power UV LED sources.

To assist our customers in their testing and research of UV technology we would like to extend a 10% discount on all our UV measurement systems.

UV LED Measurement System Configurations:

  • High-resolution, fast array spectroradiometers

  • High resolution spectrometers

  • Precise Measurement of UV LEDs with Integrating Spheres
    Calibration of LEDs with ACS series

  • Optical Probes providing optimum accessories for photometric measurement

  • Calibration traceable to national standards

    Let us help you determine what fit works best for your needs.
    Please take a look at our portfolio of UV products.

    Good until June 30th 2021