LS-150 LS-160 save 5%

For a limited time Save 5%
New Models, New Design, Same Trusted Accuracy

The LS-150 and LS-160 are highly accurate luminance meters that uses a newly designed sensor with a spectral response that more closely matches the V(λ) spectral luminous efficiency function of the human eye to provide measurement results that correlate well with visual evaluation. These spot luminance meters are small and compact, light and easy to hold, and run off AA batteries, making them fully portable.


  • A 1° acceptance angle for the LS-150 and a 1/3° acceptance angle for the LS-160
  • Wide Measurement range up to 9,999,000 cd/m2 (999,900 cd/m2 for LS/CS-150)
  • Best in class accuracy
  • External 4-digit backlit display
  • Data storage up to 1000 measurements
  • USB 2.0 data communication
  • Data management software included as a standard accessory

Offer ends March 31, 2019


Find out more about the LS-150 and LS-160.