Light and Display Seminars



Learn the essentials of color theory, lighting science, and more. This engaging seminar will include real world presentations of measurement products. Learn how advanced light and display measurement technology can increase your productivity, raise your quality standards, and improve your manufacturing processes.

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Upcoming Seminars

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 Topics Covered & Who Should Attend
  • The Science of Lighting
  • Metrics used in Light and Color Measurement
  • Instrument Types: Colorimeters and Spectroradiometers
  • Common Measurement Applications
  • Best Practice in Display Measurements
  • Latest Imaging Technology in Smart Devices
Who Should Attend
  • Production Managers
  • QA/QC Managers for Displays
  • Sourcing Managers
  • Anyone involved with color & display decisions
  • Hardware Engineers
  • Lighting Designers
  • Technology Managers
  • Testing Engineers
  • Anyone that works in a field where the quality light and display is important

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