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Driving at night is sometimes a challenge as visibility of the road becomes difficult to see especially in low lit areas. If you routinely have trouble seeing the road clearly in the evening, choosing a car with night vision technology may be an option for you to entertain when deciding upon your next vehicle. More and more manufactures are including this feature into their design. While many cars have night vision technology already built into their front cameras, after market external night vision cameras are also available as an option.

While using night vision devices addresses the issue of low illumination and can illuminate objects much further away than traditional headlights, it may not be for everyone. In colder climates in which it frequently snows these cameras tend to not work as well.

To learn more about infrared light and this night vision technology read our blog "The Incredible Infrared Science Behind Night Vision Displays".

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Solutions for Vehicle Evaluations

View a video on how Konica Minolta Sensing Americas is a leader in providing measurement instruments used in the automotive industry. The CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer is used for incident lighting and is a spectrally based instrument. The CL-200A Chroma Meter is used for incident light measurements and the CS-200 Chroma Meter is best for point measurements.

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Upcoming shows and events:

CL-200A Promotion

Chroma Meter
Expires September 30th

Take advantage of our CL-200A Chroma meter promotion!

The CL-200A measures color temperature, illumination, chromaticity, dominant wavelength and excitation purity of various lighting sources, such as LED, OLED and other forms of organic electroluminescence (EL).

The CL-200A is ideal for the development and adjustment of projector lighting, development and maintenance of panels, and LEDs.

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Light Meter Promotion


Vehicle Display 2022

Sheraton Detroit Novi Hotel
Booth #602

Join Konica Minolta Sensing at the 29th annual symposium of Vehicle Display and Interfaces 2022 at its new location at the Sheraton Novi Hotel in Detroit.

Sales and Application Engineers will be available to discuss your display and lighting needs including our CA-410 Display Color Analyzer with 27mm probe.. ideal for any high-dynamic range (HDR) display applications.  It is easily integrated into existing systems and provides improved chromaticity measurements for accuracy. Additionally on hand will be Instrument Systems' LumiCam series of colorimeters and photometers- perfect for versatile automotive test applications, including measurement of luminance and color distributions of displays and control elements or uniformity analysis of flat panel display screens in car interiors. Visit us at booth 602.

Interested in gaining a complimentary Exhibit pass? Visit our events page for details.

Join us as Instrument Systems presents two talks on Wednesday September 28th:

11:40am - 12:00pm
"Fast 2D Display Testing with Spectrally Corrected Colorimeters"

12:00pm - 12:20pm
"VCSEL Characterization: LiDAR and Eye-Safety Testing"

Expo Dates: 
September 27th:    8:00am - 6:00pm
Exhibit Hall open   9:00am - 5:00pm

September 28th:    9:00am -
5:20pm Exhibit Hall open    9:00am - 2:00pm

Featured Products:

LumiCam 4000B

Light generating elements in the modern automotive cabin can be controlled with ever finer spatial control. The LumiCam 4000B employs a 12 MP camera for 2D high resolution luminance and color measurements to detect defects on a sufficient level for demanding automotive quality assurance standards. The new generation of filter-based luminance and color measurement systems with maximum user-friendliness.Learn more about this 2D imaging colorimeter with motorized objective lenses and the 2400B/4000B series by reviewing the latest brochure and LumiCam 4000B Data Sheets available on our LumiCam product page.

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CA-410 Display Color Analyzer

The high accuracy of Konica Minolta’s CA-410 Display Color Analyzer has become the standard within the display industry. Our customers have come to expect value and superior technology found in Konica Minolta’s analyzers. The CA-410 is the next step in this analytic technology. The enhanced accuracy of the XYZ filters, the CA-410 pushed its spectral sensitivity even closer to the color-matching functions defined by CIE in 1931. The accuracy of chromaticity measurements has been further improved by calibrating the analyzer with reference that replicates the optical spectrum of current displays. Users can more accurately measure and adjust the chromaticity and white balance of displays that have a wide color gamut.

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