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Light Trends Fall Newsletter

Konica Minolta Sensing Americas and Instrument Systems GmbH offer a number of solutions for optical production tests.

We offer and set calibration standards on a wide range of applications. These standards can be used in UV measurement, VCSEL production testing, and in verification of luminance and color accuracy in your cameras and spectrometers.

Additionally, interest has never been higher in imaging colorimeters and imaging photometers, especially when tasks call for quick measurements of colorimetric and photometric quantities with spatial resolution. Compared to standard spectrometers and other instruments used for measuring that do not include spatial resolutions, Instrument Systems’ imaging devices bring users distinct advantages.

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MicroLED Display Testing

Very small µLED displays provide unique challenges for pixel correction processes due to their narrow bandwidth emission and pixel size in the µm range. The LumiTop 4000 with magnifying lens is ideally suited for this application with its spectral reference measurement and 2x magnifying lens.

MicroLED Testing Video

For Your Reading Pleasure:

Challenges in Manufacturing MicroLEDs

As major manufacturers address the possibilities of the new MicroLED technology, luminance efficiency issues come to question. As a leader in the light and display industry, many turn to Konica Minolta Sensing to provide them with the instrument and tools needed to accurately measure photometric brightness and color.

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Learning Center

Get a thorough understanding of light measurement from the most basic principles to complex and detailed overviews of light science in our online Learning Center. Take this time to enhance your light and display skills with our industry leading blogs, videos, white papers, and case studies. Enjoy!     

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Featured Products:

10% Promotion
UV Test Systems

To assist our customers in their testing and research of UV technology we would like to extend a 10% discount on all our UV measurement systems. Konica Minolta Sensing Americas and Instrument Systems GmbH have been setting UV LED calibration standards and addressing the hazards of blue light through our various testing processes for many years. Our high-end test system solutions contribute to the performance and safety of these high-power UV LED sources.

10% UV Promotion

Luminous Flux Measurement for LEDs

One of the most important tests in light measurement is the assessment of the total radiant power or luminous flux of light sources using integrating spheres.

We offer a wide range of sizes to provide functionality for a broad spectrum of applications. The maximum dimension of the light source to be measured provides the deciding factor in choosing the appropriate integrating sphere. Larger sources require the use of larger integrating spheres in order to keep measurement errors to a minimum.

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