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High-resolution array spectroradiometers guarantee high throughput volumes and reliability in industrial environment

The market for laser diodes has recently experienced strong growth. The drivers of the enormous increase in demand are new applications and new technology concepts. Examples are face recognition in entertainment electronics, Lidar (light detection and ranging) in the automobile and high-performance diode lasers that consist of a number of laser diodes and are increasingly replacing conventional laser systems in material processing.

Konica Minolta Sensing and Instrument Systems recognize the challenges faced with providing spectral measurement of laser diodes with a defined error budget and traceability.

Measuring systems for laser diodes must satisfy special requirements:

  • High spectral resolution
  • High throughput volumes in production
  • Spectral power measurement of pulsed laser diodes
  • 2D analysis of all VCSEL arrays in the near field
  • Far-field characterization of VCSEL arrays
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Preview Video:

VCSEL Measurement Video

On the basis of the high-resolution CAS 140CT-HR and CAS 120-HR spectrometers and the new VTC VCSEL test camera Instrument Systems offers modular all-in-one solutions that are optimally tuned to VCSEL characterization (VCSEL production testing, VCSEL measurement).
Enjoy our Spectrally corrected display and VCSEL measurement video from Instrument Systems.


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Application Note

Read an application note on Testing solutions for VCSELs with High Resolution Array Spectroradiometer.
The unique properties of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) make them a workhorse for price-sensitive laser-based applications, e.g. in consumer electronics. In production, this demands mass-market-suitable, fast and highly reliable quality control of VCSELs.

VCSEL Application Note

Featured Products:

Integrating Spheres

The ISP series of integrating spheres has a lateral measurement port for determining luminous flux in the 2π configuration, in which only the forward-directed radiation is measured. ISP 75 and ISP 100 with small internal diameter of 75 and 100 mm. The small form factor is particularly suitable for installation in handler and prober systems. With larger spheres, the sample can additionally be secured in the center of the sphere for measuring the luminous flux in the 4π configuration. Emission in all directions can thus be determined, and total luminous flux can be measured.

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Array Spectroradiometer

The high-resolution CAS 140CT-HR product line is particularly designed for the measurement of narrow band emitters, e.g. laser diodes and combines the demands of high spectral resolution and short testing times for sophisticated measurement tasks in production and laboratory environments. Ideal for precise measurement of laser diodes in the laboratory and production. Provides short testing times enabling industrial quality control.

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